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Noha R
It really changed a lot. Pay a visit and see the change!!!
If you are a student, the studying room and the library included are really the best place to start your journey.
The kitchen is well equipped and available all the times. The toilets are clean and enough to serve each floor. I really enjoyed my stay here.
★★★★ (via Yelp)

Lena K
★★★★★ (via Google)

Luisa P
The Sisters of Saint Dorothy's hostel in Frognal is an excellent choice for young ladies, as well as the not so young, looking for a lovely, accessible and safe place to stay in London. The hostel is nestled in the "chic" Hampstead Village, arguably, one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods in England's capital. It offers a great opportunity to experience London without the hustle and bustle of the city, while being fully accessible through the underground as well as the various buses that pass through the nearby Finchley Road... It was my first home in London, upon my arrival in the hot summer of 1976. Since then I have lived and worked in various countries, on 3 continents... Still, my life certainly has never been the same since 1976. The Hostel is my home away from home. 
★★★★★ (via Google)

Rida S
★★★★★ (via Google)


Maria M
É maravilhoso ter amigas. Sim, AMIGAS! Para mim és uma delas. Que o Espírito Santo continue a ser o teu FAROL!
★★★★★ (via Facebook)

Julie G
The place has been fully renovated. It is a historical house - Charles De Gaulle lived there - situated in beautiful Hampstead. Spacious living areas, good food, cleanliness, and an ideal way to make new friends. The girls and the sisters are helpful and pleasant, and it feels safe and homely. There is a library for studying, and Wifi availability. The gardens around the house are also lovely and well kept.
★★★★ (via Yelp)

Doris B, Edinburgh
This is absolutely lovely location in Hampstead. For an amazing price for this neighborhood, I have quiet single room with breakfast and dinner included, and fast wifi. I'd recommend this for women travelers or students who are staying in London for a month or more. You have to be okay with the curfew - 10:30pm on weekdays, 11:30pm on weekends. Generally, you have to apply months ahead of time, send in an application, and pay well in advance of arrival, but it's certainly worth the time and effort to do this. The staff and the sisters of St. Dorothy's are very welcoming and kind. I'm enjoying my 2-month stay here.
★★★★★ (via Yelp)

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